Blue Mist Owners

If you are going to share ownership of Blue Mist with us, you probably need to know a bit more about the existing owners.

We have several things in common:

  • we all love boating, the Norfolk Broads, the wildlife, the fresh air...
  • some of us are keen anglers
  • most of us are retired
  • we all like to get the best value boating holidays we can and manage the boat ourselves to achieve this
  • all owners meet up once a year to discuss the operation of the boat, to share thoughts and to choose their weeks for the forthcoming year
  • we are all happy to show potential new owners our boat and will bore you endlessly with how wonderful it is
  • all owners become signed parties to an agreement covering the operation and use of the boat
  • we are all comfortable with the simple routine maintenance required such as checking oil levels, weed filters etc
  • we all treat the boat as our own and take pride in maintaining it in nice condition
  • we welcome well-behaved pets and children